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That’s Just Super
posted November 6, 2006


Creator: Rob Ullman
Publishing Information: Wide Awake Press, mini-comic, 48 pages, Spring 2006, $3.
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I think what allowed me to enjoy Robert Ullman's paper-thin That's Just Super is the modesty inherent in its presentation. There are a lot of indie-superhero takes out there much less accomplished than Ullman's that are stretched into normal-sized, 32-page comic books or even into spined and ISBNed trades. A well-crafted mini-comic seems just about right for what's going on here. That's Just Super doesn't do a whole lot in terms of providing a new exploration of fisticuffs, secret identities and sexual attraction. In fact, except for a reasonably adorable press treatment sequence in a bar, it's a comic that note for note has been made many times over. Ullman's line continues to improve, getting close to the kind of comic book black and white art that when I was a kid made me think a machine might have done it. The story overall proves functional and distracting for a few pages, which is about all the ambition it has, too. It could only be recommended to pre-existing fans of such material -- anyone that misses Jetcat enough to ask their retailer about it -- but most non-fans would have a hard time working up much hatred.