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Americanjism Books One-Three
posted November 14, 2006

image Creator: Joe Denny
Publishing Information: Pipe Dream Comics, Trade Paperbacks bundled together with a plastic wraparound, 250 pages, $10/book (I think)
Ordering Numbers: Those interested might write to Pipe Dream at PO Box 432, Sag Harbor, New York, 11963, USA

This is a pretty simple comic book: a straight-forward, sexually explicit satire of conservative America that reveals its denizens to be sex-obsessed hypocrites and its institutions to be demeaning and dehumanizing. If that doesn't sound particularly cutting edge... well, it's not, really. You'll probably figure out what Denny is getting at by page three, and then spend the next 247 pages marveling at the number of times these points are repeated and perhaps, if you're lucky, find yourself interested in the working-through of his bizarre personal cosmology. Me, I found it extremely hard to stay interested, even as an example of the kind of idiosyncratic American porn comics that existed before MangaPorn showed up and drove most samples of highly personal oddball filth from the shelves. Although Denny's presentation is professional -- he's best at pacing -- Americanjism never quite reaches the level of laudatory or expressive or beautiful. Its uninspired execution demands a lot in the way of intellectual heft to hold the average reader's interest. It sure is a curious object, though, and god bless anyone who devotes 250 pages to a personal vision.