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Three Very Small Comics Volume II
posted January 11, 2005


Creator: Tom Gauld
Publishing Info: Three Minis in an Envelope, 24 pages overall, Cabanon Press, 4 GBP (approximately $7.50 USD)
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imageIn the second Three Very Small Comics cartoonist Tom Gauld offers up a really neat package, three tiny mini-comics in a small brown envelope decorated by a sticker. One of the minis folds out like an accordin, another completely unfolds for a single page cartoon, and the other is a standard single-stapled 16-page booklet. I just remembered that Gauld has a picture on his site, and I will upload that here, so that last sentence was kind of a waste of time.

The comics are skillfully done and very entertaining. Gauld may remind some people of Sammy Harkham or even Kevin Huizenga with the way he minimizes some features on his figures, but the art is pretty distinct on its own -- if it's familiar, it's familiar in a good way. In Invasion, the bookleted mini-comic, Gauld offers up a fairly standard futility of war fable but the pacing is effective enough that the point becomes underlined by the muddy travel and the banal dialogue. The according book is either called "The Robots Broke Out of the Factory and Fled as Far as Their Batteries Would Allow," or that's the first page, but it's an amusing series of drawing of sad, useless robots out of power and waiting to be scooped back up. The single page is a weird Gashlycrumb Tinies-type gimmick where the letters are played out by various silhouetted monsters our similarly shadowed, sword-bearing hero faces, kind of a deadpan exercise in clever drawing and design.

I don't know that I have a lot to say here. I just really liked this little project -- it's modest, funny, and engaging. If you're a fan of mini-comics, you should definitely seek one out.