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posted December 7, 2006


Creator: Yua Kotegawa
Publishing Information: ADV Manga, trade, 176 pages, October 2006, $9.99
Ordering Numbers: 1413902499 (ISBN)

Reviewing Yua Kotegawa's Line doesn't take very long; the single-volume story by the author of the much more entertaining and bizarre Anne Freaks is almost paper thin in every non-literal way that counts. Through a series of conveniences, two very different girls, Chiko and Bando, end up working together to foil a mysterious plot that is driving kids to attempt suicide. Line is crafted in a way that's serviceable but not memorable; sections of dialog and nearly all of the art could almost be published as generic manga samples 1-100.

The only thing likely to keep the reader's interest can be found in the appealing way in which the plot flowers into an action narrative. There's something about kids pulled out of the tedium of the lives, running around a city from place to place, thrusting themselves physically into the lives of various schoolchums and strangers, hating the reason but kind of enjoying the ride, that should appeals to anyone that was a bored kid, that used to daydream about an outside force butting in and resetting, if only momentarily, what's valuable. Line will make -- or has already made, for all I know -- a distracting to fine action film in the hands of the right director. And that's about it, really.