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Ouija Interview No. 4: Mack, Agatha & Samantha
posted December 15, 2006


Creator: Sarah Becan
Publishing Information:, limited to 250 copies, mini-comic, 48 pages, 2006
Ordering Numbers:

This is a standard quarter-sized mini-comic with better-than-average paper wrapped in an attractively tinted card stock cover. Plot wise, this is pretty much as it sounds: a series of interviews with spirits through a Ouija board put into comics form. This is probably the most involved one, as it involves two different acts of spiritual outreach. The first is to a child and his sister, Mack and Agatha, who let it be known they were murdered by their father. They seek their mother, who they believe suffered the same fate. It's hinted that until some solution to this problem is found, they won't be able to move on. The unseen Ouija board users then summon Samantha, Mack and Agatha's aunt, who lets them in on the horrible secret that is likely keeping the first two spirits from a higher place.

It's the details that are fun here: the "old-timey" design on the ghosts, the goofy dialog lettered in Ouija board letter approximates, the hesitant but helpful questions asked by the unseen interrogator. This is the kind of thing that is much better of relegated to a small publication like this one, where it makes for a quirky and fun object.