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Reading Comics
posted January 4, 2007

Creators: Denis Kitchen, John Lind
Publishing Information: Denis Kitchen Publishing, 24 Postcards, 2006, $11.95
Ordering Numbers: 0971008078 (ISBN)

I like the comics-related postcards of the last few years. At one point I had the Popeye, Prince Valiant and Tom Gauld sets and about three dozen old Drawn and Quarterly promotional cards. I used them all as postcards, which I think might have put me in the minority, but I enjoy sending postcards much more than I enjoy hoarding them. Denis Kitchen and John Lind have put together a set that should appeal in similar fashion, this time photos of various people reading comics, from Jerry Garcia to Alan Ladd to various, nameless models and spokespeople. I like the bulk of the photographs, particularly the celebrities -- since they all looked modeled, at least I have a variety of mental images of someone like Humphrey Bogart that I can gauge against how he looks devouring the funnies. The only choice I didn't enjoy as much is that the captions are written with tongue-in-cheek. I'm a full-bore nerd; I want to know more about the photo and where it came from, or at least some additional information. It's not difficult to see the reasoning in wanting to do it that way, but I still miss it.