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Aw, Nuts! #1
posted January 9, 2007


Creators: David Scalzo, Kevin Scalzo
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini, 24 pages, April 2006, $4
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I like the look of Kevin Scalzo's art, his fascination with distorted figures and lines that go from straight to wavy like so many piles of fecal matter and sausages is amusing and makes for fun portraiture. The best segments in the first issue of a collaborative comic with brother David are those still shots, I think mostly from Kevin, where time is taken to whip up the visual genies attending such art into a rhapsodic frenzy. Less successful was the comic by David Scalzo in the middle, which just sort of flat out feels uncertain and tenuous, with little in the way of ambitious plot-making to Still, David's smaller works are genuinely compelling in a different way than his brother's, although much less accomplished at this point, and the presentational material at book's end makes a pair of brother doing comics together seem like the most appealing thing in the world.