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posted January 19, 2007


Creator: Julie Doucet
Publishing Information: PictureBox, hardcover, 144 pages, 2006, $39.95
Ordering Numbers: 1584232463 (ISBN)

This beautifully produced multi-part essay on love and everything that gets in its way will probably find greater purchase with Julie Doucet fans than with comics readers in general, particularly at this well-deserved by daunting price point. Moving back and forth between collage and abstract art, little of the gorgeous, lush pen and ink worlds for which Doucet has become known makes an appearance, but certainly her arch sense of humor is in full effect. In a series of single images, some of which invite deeper consideration and some of which actually repel the eye, Doucet throws away line after line of deeply funny dithering about objects and obsession and wishing to make a narrative something it's not. Anyone who's ever read her comics will recognize the voice, and welcome it depending on their affection for that slightly more cerebral, somewhat less earthy and much more oblique aspects of her storytelling skill set. I thought it was swell, but I wouldn't expect that many folks to agree with me.