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Simple Routines #5
posted January 24, 2007

imageCreator: JP Coovert
Publishing Information: One Percent Press, mini-comic, 28 pages, Winter 2006, $2
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There's nothing quite as distressing when it comes to adjudication of comic book quality than seeing at the top of your pile the inoffensive diary comic. I've begun to suspect that diary comics may leave an impression almost like a new friend -- meeting them for coffee once a month you're likely interested in every word, but if you read a bunch all at once it's like having someone sleeping on your sofa for four and half weeks. The unfortunate thing is that several considerable effects depend on a sustained encounter between artist and reader: tricks of repetition and mirroring, deeper explorations of certain issues and events, and so on. It's almost that you're not getting a fair picture of the work through such a shallow experience.

All that being said, Coovert's comics are pleasant enough, without ever crossing the line into something grander or worth a lot of effort in its pursuit. He seems like a nice guy, a student at SCAD, with an adoring girlfriend and a jones to do some comics. I liked best the comic about a casual encounter with a stranger in town, which becomes funnier the more effort he pours into the comic itself. I liked second best a comic about pushing one's head into a pillow that comes complete with a page full of head plunges. I liked, I liked, I liked... but since I have no idea if it's good, since nothing in its pages made that case, I'm going to guess that it wasn't.