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Daredevil Pilot Jeff
posted January 29, 2007

imageCreator: David King
Publishing Information: Self-published, micro-mini, 40 pages, $.50
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David King's Daredevil Pilot Jeff is one of those comics that if it wasn't written page by page, panel by panel, it sure reads that way. There's even the classic "Where is it?/Here it is!" transition you only see during on-stage improvisation or in 24-hour comics. King's sketchbook created drama loads on the event-heavy narrative: our hero lands a plane, hits on some babes, gets sent to the Bermuda Triangle, meets Amelia Earhart, and then sucks on her toes in a night of madcap intimacy. This all takes place in 40 pages, and that's with a stretch given over to the protagonist making funny faces.

One of the better giveaway or first-taste-for-free style mini-comics you're likely to come across -- at least I'm guessing that's its primary function given its size and narrative approach -- because of the humor involved and the generally handsome nature of the drawing that comes through despite King's slapdash approach (he does a nice plane landing), as long as you keep in mind the limitations of the approach this is well-worth picking up the next time you're at the same show King attends, or if you're ordering some other material from his Reliable Comics web site.