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Sweat Book Vol. 1
posted January 30, 2007


Creator: Kevin Scalzo
Publishing Information: Self-published, mini-comic, 32 pages, 2006, $3
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I liked reading and looking at Kevin Scalzo's sketchbook Sweat Book Vol. 1, but I did so with the advantage of knowing Kevin: he used to live near me in Seattle. It's always interesting to see how someone you know and like approaches their art, and certainly you get that from Sweat Book; it's also a handsomely mounted mini-comic with a nice cover and a bit of spot color in the interior. The question I would have is whether or not Kevin's done enough actual comics work to make more than a select number of people interested in comparing sketchbook to final product, or, further, if the degree of abstraction in his art wouldn't also limit its audience as opposed to someone drawing from life or in a tradition more typically present in comics and thus potentially useful in a comparative sense. The primary interest I have in Scalzo's art is the genuinely odd approach as opposed to its consistent, rigorous execution. I guess when you get down to it this is a perfectly fine mini-comic; I'm just sort of doubtful about the $3 part.