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Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten
posted April 2, 2007

Creator: Matt Wiegle
Publishing Information: Partyka, mini-comic, 76 pages, Fall 2006, $3
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imageMatt Wiegle's comics remind me in a sense of Graham Annable's and John Kerschbaum's, in that the work itself is of extremely high quality but it exudes a quality that makes me think it won't be flattered by standard publishing options. There's something about riffing on straightforward set-ups, almost like a cartoon, that doesn't seem to play as well in formats given over to serial literature and/or bookshelf storage, and I don't know what it is. That being said, Wiegle's work in Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten is conceptually sound, accomplished in its execution and frequently funny. In this comic, seven days in the life of a talking fish that wants to avoid being caught and devoured are presented in comedy sketch fashion: the audience is given an easy to parse set-up, each skit is solid and turns on an amusing situation brought to closure, and readers have the option of deriving more enjoyment by remembering minutiae and details from blackout to blackout. In the Bugs Bunny role, Wiegle's fish turns out to be amusing but acts more in service of the gags than the gags do him the favor of building a memorable character. Still, the whole is pretty darn funny, a string of amusing moments more than an exercise in joke telling.