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Rashy Rabbit #3
posted April 4, 2007


Creator: Josh Latta
Publishing Information: Cute Girl Demographics, mini-comic, 32 pages, February 2007, $3
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There's a lot of encouraging things about Josh Latt's anthropomorphic mini-comic Rashy Rabbit, signs that the comic could develop into something worth watching. The drawing is at times very attractive. Latta employs stylistic changes in a couple of scenes that are extremely effective, like the distortions he uses in a scene of violence late in the book. It's comforting to read a story that's less about the most profound moment in someone's entire life and instead focuses on two young people motivated by sex and a desire to get high. The funny animal technique is employed with a sense of reserve, even in the sex scenes, which is no small accomplishment for a genre where depictions of suggested ethnicity can be a real sore point.

Just seeing a comic of this type takes me back to their black and white heyday 20-plus years ago, and I wonder if it's easier now than it was then to see it simply as another comic. Because Rashy Rabbit, as much as it surprised in some of the areas in which it truly works, has a long way to go to becoming the kind of comic that will proved rewarding to most readers. The drawing crystallizes into place at some times because it others it becomes too loose. The lack of consistent tone strands the reader in various scenes where it's unclear how we should take a story moment -- ambiguity is fine, but a few moments are so untethered they lack the basic traction that allows for your standard reader/comic interface. And overall the work could be sharper: scenes could be more pointed, jokes could be funnier, dramatic moments could have more of a punch. Let's hope the good pushes away the less effective material in future issues. I may not miss funny animals so much, but I sort of miss comics about everyday events.