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Mr. Big #4: Waiting For The Murder
posted February 2, 2005


Creators: Carol Ault Dembicki, Matt Dembicki
Publishing Info: Mini-Comic, Wasp Comics, 20 pages, $1.50, 2004
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This is a handsome-looking mini-comic of little overall impact. A chapter in what one supposes is a longer story about Shakesepearean political maneuvering (in other words, diplomacy by knives) among a small group of animals centered on a pond, this issue's story shows two groups sorting through the implications of what has been set in motion. That's a very subtle plot progression for anyone to pull off, and despite some reasonably well-accomplished character designs and use of the page, arist Matt Dembicki falls a little short in seizing the reader and drawing them into this world. There are hints of whimsical interpretation of animal personality that may prove of interest as the narrative falters, but it's not told with the poetry of something like Jon Lewis' True Swamp, or with the staging skills of Graham Chaffee in The Most Important Thing.

Matt Dembicki's art is of a high enough quality that it could carry a very, very strong story, but asked to do a lot of the work with mood and inflection here the cartoonist's shortcomings as an illustrator kind of simmer to the top. The drawings simply aren't lovely or captivating to the pint they add anything more than representations of who's speaking and where. Still, that this proves readable at all indicates there's a lot left to this kind of story than one might have thought.