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Last Cry For Help #4
posted February 3, 2005


Creators: Dan Moynihan, Craig Bostick, Cole Johnson, Vanessa Davis, Souther Salazar, Dave Kiersh, Beppi, Ron Rege Jr.
Publishing Info: Twenty Pages, 2004.
Ordering Numbers:

Last Cry For Help is an anthology mini-comic put out in occasional bursts by the artist Dave Kiersh and his friends, usually consisting of very small or slight pieces. This issue is dedicated to music; mostly, it appears, through the visual interpretation of song lyrics, but a few "inspired bys" as well. Not surprisingly, the better artists featured do the more interesting comics. I really enjoyed Souther Salazar's one-pager of lines from the Cat Stevens song Father and Son. It's visually noteworthy because it presents both two divergent paths of action and a total that serves as an interesting commentary on the song -- that the singer who puts so much into chastising his younger counterpart about their lack of experience is likely himself to be supported by unseen hands in some way. Salazar's two-pager with its sweep of lyrics and graytone is a nice piece as well.

Most of the other cartoonists provide pretty standard stories; Cole Johnson's reads like something from a weird world where MTV had a comics-page supplement in your daily newspaper. Vanessa Davis' single-page illustrations provide interest for the way she designs her figures. The Kiersh pages in the middle of the booklet are probably the most maddening in the group. The comics on the right-hand pages, "All I Got..." and "Driving" prove much more compelling than their left-side counterparts because in them Kiersh makes use of a much more sly version of his visual iconography, particularly elements that only connect by proximity to other shapes rather than through more literal continuations of cartoon linework. In the end, how much you enjoy samplers of style and how much you can accept when it comes to nothing that really satisfies in an of itself will determine how you will probably take to Last Cry For Help #4.