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Daydream Sparks
posted April 24, 2007


Creator: Ben Henry
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 16 pages, $2.50
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At the risk of sounding like an old man, I almost missed the narrative in this short mini-comic by a cartoonist with whom I'm completely unfamiliar named Ben Henry. Even its entry at Quimby's suggests that the effort is light on story. A second reading revealed a fairly straight-forward plot that would have been at home as on-screen graphics during Bill Moyer's interview with Joseph Campbell: a traveler visits then returns from an Oracle. What distinguishes the comic in a story sense is how Henry bends the reality he's depicting to show the mind-altering event it portrays. I would imagine, however, that the main thing any reader will take away is the imaginative little drawings, the multiple tableaux that float in space in a kind of Chester Brown by way of Keith McCulloch manner, and the fashion in which the dialog peels and rolls from each characters mouth like a medieval scroll. I liked this little comic, and want to see more work from the cartoonist. It's one of those books you see where the voice is there and any refinements in craft that come with time should only make it better.