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Hi Hells Hands
posted April 30, 2007


Creator: Vincent Fritz
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 16 pages, $2.50
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Like the work of cartoonists like Ben Jones and Leif Goldberg that it recalls, Hi Hells Hands mixes an out-there, delicate way of drawing with an obtuse but easy to follow plot. Someone in the woods is accosted and then eaten by a creature; a person related to that first individual comes across the scene of the crime and tracks it to the now-sleeping assailant, taking revenge. The joy is in the pacing of that narrative, particularly the subtle shifts in perspective and from dream life to the reality facing the character once awake, and in the design. My favorite of the latter is a series of floating heads (reminiscent of Zardoz) that serve as caretakers of the forested area which is the book's setting. They are implacable and slightly dangerous, act in ways that underline how effective simply cartooning progressions from panel to panel can be. I would definitely read this cartoonist's next work.

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