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SpinUP & SpinDOWN
posted May 10, 2007


Creator: P. Shaw!
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 80 pages, 2006, $10
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I promised the cartoonist I would review this book; the length of time between getting the book and providing the review is way too embarrassing to mention here. I'm making note of that because I think if I were totally comfortable with P. Shaw!'s comics, if I understood them as well as I should, then I would have found time much sooner to pen a short piece. I love the way his comics look; I love the stylized figures and the color. In SpinUP & SpinDOWN, there's a central gimmick of having to flip the comic over and reading it back to front doubling the amount of material in the book and making for a lot of structural problems in terms of having the specifics of each panel work for both captions. You can see what he's going for here.


There isn't really a great thematic accompaniment to this like you might see from a similarly experimental European comic; it's just a couple of creatures going to the mall and fighting a lot. The dialog's funny, which helps greatly; in fact, it's a funny comic generally, and mimics real-life conversation better than anything I've read in a while. It's also a reminder of how comics work as a way to bracket segments of a conversation, which I think is an underrated effect of the medium. Other than all that, I'm not sure I have much more to say.