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Conversational Euro-Comics: Bart Beaty’s Thursday Report From Angouleme
posted January 27, 2011


By Bart Beaty

imageTwo quotes summed up Day One for me.

German cartoonist Ulli Lust, winner of the Prix Artemisia for Trop n'est pas assez and a nominee for the Grand Prize, told me that she didn't need to win on Sunday because "I got to have lunch with Moebius!" I had to agree, that's better than a cat statue.

On the other hand, Florent Ruppert standing in the struck L'Asso booth said "We have a saying in French, 'It makes me want to cry.'"

L'Association are, as predicted, the talk of the FIBD. Their booth is the first thing you see when you enter the Nouveau Monde booth, and there're are no books on display, only leaflets outlining the demands of their seven salaried employees who have been on strike since January 10 (image above). Their artists sort of mill about with nothing to do.

The quick hits of the exhibits: Baru is fantastic, including a mammoth wall displaying L'Autoroute du soleil originals (image below). Dominique Goblet is even better. The parody show did little for me -- too many copies, not enough originals. The Peanuts is not really a show, more a distraction for kids.

Weather is great. Crowd is noticeably down from years past (something that shocked John Pham, who thought it was already crazy. He should wait for Saturday). The mood is subdued and people talk about the crisis in book sales. A lot.

Book of the day: Ever Meulen, Top Models. Expensive limited edition, but oh so worth every penny.