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Conversational Euro-Comics: Bart Beaty’s Friday Report From The Angouleme Festival; Mostly Quiet
posted January 28, 2011


By Bart Beaty

imageI'm not sure that there's a lot to report today. Significantly more people. The "big" tent was a zoo, with the manga area virtually impassable. Nouveau Monde was healthily crowded. Weather held up, but it is a bit colder. All in all, a nice Friday for FIBD.

I hit the Franco-Belgian new wave exhibition this morning, where the wine was flowing pre-lunch. This show is great, dominated by two extraordinary Dominique Goblet drawings, but featuring work from the FRMK, Cinquieme couche and L'Employé du moi publishers. A highlight to be sure.

Chantal Montellier also has a very good show at the Maison du peuple et paix. She was sitting in the middle of it, just chatting to everyone. That was fantastic.

The L'Asso situation will not be resolved here, and there are a million theories and rumors, but none meritorious enough to report online.

Tomorrow: the hordes arrive. Brace yourself.

Book of the day: Dominique Goblet, Les Hommes-Loups (FRMK), since it's her show.