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David Glanzer of CCI Vis-a-Vis Chris Brandt’s Claims Regarding Film Programming at the Con
posted September 16, 2007

I'm not exactly sure what the article is about, but I do object to the characterization that we don't show anything that isn't studio produced. In fact, we have a film festival that specifically precludes films with distribution deals from participating.

As you can imagine we receive a great many requests from movie makers to screen their projects at the show. And we have accomodated some by way of the film festival and others with special programming. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate each request though we fully appreciate their passion and determination.

As it relates to the pullout of Fox this year, we were totally at the wire in terms of producing the show and while I don't have a specific memory of turning anyone down, I would find it highly unlikely that we would have been able to accomodate any feature in that slot without first having seen a screener. And I can tell you that I, personally, literally did not have the time necessary to view one in advance, and would assume everyone else here were in the same boat, it was just that close to the wire.