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Nick Abadzis on Steve Whitaker, RIP
posted February 26, 2008

Greatly appreciated your obituary on Steve Whitaker. He was, as you deduced, a good friend to many and I have never known a collective cry of anguish like that go up from the UK comics community as the news of his death broke. For me personally, he was the nearest thing I ever had to a mentor and he was a great friend. He once said to me of another, mutual friend, "It's a stupid world and it hurts him." In some ways, this was applicable to Steve himself, too -- he was a very warm and generous man with a keen mind that was interested in absolutely everything. He was also possessed of a disarmingly ropey and charming wit. He taught several generations of comic artists and cartoonists and although there's not a great deal of his work that saw print, he was the kind of artist many of us aspire to be.

I will miss him more than I can say.