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Rich Dennys on Rodney Dunn
posted June 14, 2005

Hello Tom!

Rich Dannys, here.. I was a good friend of Rodney's. He was a talented artist that never seemed to gain much momentum. And whose life came to a rather sudden end. Me & another friend Drazen Kozjan, have posted an 'IN MEMORIAM' thread, over at the 'Drawing Board'. If you'd like to see some samples of his work. And read a bit more about his life & career, the weblink for the Thread is:

You may have to "register" to see the posted artwork. Not sure. But rest assured, membership is absolutely free. And you'll not receive any spam, as a result of doing so.. The board is a "free" webspace run & managed by a group of Californian artists..

Maybe you'd consider a "link" to it?