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Daniel Peretti On An Article That May Have Appeared On CR
posted May 9, 2009

I'm writing because I need to ask for your help. I recall reading on your site a brief essay and perhaps a few responses about the experience of going to a comics shop. It doesn't seem like it was posted too long ago, but now I can't find it. I've combed your archives without success (though that in itself was fascinating).

I am fully aware that this may not even have been on your site, but it feels as though it was. My apologies if I'm wrong about this. But, if I'm right, this would be immensely useful to me. You see, I'm writing a book about Superman. It's not an analysis of the comics. It's about Superman jokes and tattoos and generally about how people have made Superman a meaningful part of their lives. And part of it will be about the experience of going to a comics shop. I'm conducting some interviews as well.