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Josh Fitzpatrick On The James Turner Editorial
posted May 15, 2009

Thank you for your enlightened response to current market conditions. As a comic book reader for the last twenty years, I have seen many ups, and unfortunately too man downs for this hobby I love dearly. I shutter to think that Diamond has become so myopic that we could possibly miss out on the next Clowes, Ware, Bagge, Hernandez Brother, or Doucet. I live in a pretty busy area, south of Boston Mass, and frankly there is a shortage of good stores outside of the major city enclaves. The fact that the closest store to me printed the Tick, you would think they would be more indy friendly, sadly that's not the case.

As I ventured into Boston for Free Comic Book Day, and went to a really good comic shop that while it supports the majors always has a top notch selection of small press and mini comics. I was disheartened to see gaps, or older comics that were taking up space on the shelves, instead of the usually robust amounts of comics on display. As a long time (albeit) irregular customer of the shop I know it's not the owner, he is very indy friendly. But I can already see the impact of this boneheaded move by diamond. People were shelling out for books, so it wasn't the economy. I agree this is a great time to be a comics fan, the amount of great independent writers and artists putting out some really high quality books. Whether it's more accessible like Huizenga, Harkham, or Hornshemeier, or more out there like CF, Ben Jones and Brian Chippendale.

It's depressing enough knowing that Crickets, Or Else and virtually everything by Picturebox have been affected by Diamonds grip as the essential distributor of comics to shops. Even more disturbing is knowing that even creators like Seth, will no longer be putting out singles, yes, singles time have passed, but Seth always has the most wonderfully designed books. In fact it was Seth that first pulled me into the small press books, right when I was ready to give up on comics altogether. If it weren't for It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken, I may have given up altogether, without ever reading anything by Hernandez, or Clowes or Ware. I know I can't be alone with this type of story, and I certainly hope I'm not the last. Though Diamond is trying like hell to make sure only top selling spandex books are the way to go. After all who needs Street Angel, Love & Rockets, and Goddess of War, when you can have Gold Foiled Wonder Woman, Platinum Foiled Spider Man, and Dark Illuminated Avengers all with thirty variant copies to peddle to the masses.

On a side note I hear of Turners story before I went out yesterday, and made sure to pick up a copy of Warlord of Io when I was at FCBD yesterday, haven't read it yet, but I do like the looks of it.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.