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John Vest On Ed Brubaker’s Run On Captain America
posted May 23, 2009

Sometimes Ed Brubaker's comics remind me of the better Fawcett Gold Medal crime and espionage paperbacks from the 50's and 60's (and I guess it's fitting to see Criminal advertised in the back of a Hard Case Crime paperback). It's almost as if in the superhero titles there's the Ed Brubaker kind of story vaguely in counter with its trappings.

There is a strong sense of how old the characters are, along with their convoluted histories, in the current Captain America series. The Tales Of Suspense stories around the time of Sharon Carter's appearance had a mysterious quality (at least to my 10 year brain) with the questions from Steve Rogers' past juxtaposed with the '60s spy scenerios. Captain America also seemed fun to read around the middle of the Stan Lee/Gene Colan run. Gene Colan's loose artwork fit the lightness of tone around issue number 130. Steve Rogers seemed in a middle-aged crazy phase riding around the country on a motorcycle. He actually said funny and sarcastic things. The chronology of the character also seemed right on schedule during this brief period with Cap in his forties acting a little jaded.