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Peter Ogura On An S. Clay Wilson Comic He Can’t Find In Published Form
posted June 15, 2009

Many years ago, probably mid-1980's, I met with S. Clay Wilson at his Castro Street area home in San Francisco to look at original art for sale. (There was a poster on the wall at Dick's, a nearby bar, perhaps the area's only hetero-bar, noting that he was selling original art.) Anyway, I entered the living room of the house, took note of the coffin and a lectern which had a hexagram and "The Reverend S.Clay Wilson" written on it. He showed me a number of items, and I ended out purchasing an original 3-panel story done in black ink called "Stone Cold Vampire," in which a vampire nods out in mid-air after sucking the blood of a junkie, crashes into a church, and is then ripped off by some street thugs who put a wooden stake in the vampire's heart. The panel was signed under a pseudonym (although he graciously signed his name on the matting after I had it framed).Here's my question: Mr. Wilson told me that this strip was created for an "anti-drug abuse" anthology of comic art, and, moreover, that the strip was the only thing he had done with a moral to the story.Yet, I cannot find the anthology in which this was presumably printed. Do you, or any of your readers, have a lead on this?