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Curtis On The Possibility Of John Byrne Doing An X-Men Forever Type Book
posted June 27, 2009

I'm writing because I'm a big fan of yours and also a fan of John Byrne's. I read on Comic Book Resources forum that he was interested in maybe doing an X-Men Forever type comic, like the one Chris Claremont is doing now. I'm not sure if you've heard about it, but John said today that he'd be "delighted" if someone from Marvel called him to talk about it and being the fanboy that I am, I wanted to make sure Marvel knew this was out there.

I haven't seen John Byrne show much interest in working for Marvel since the 90's and I can't imagine him getting on a project with more buzz. I probably don't have to sell you on the project but I'm hoping maybe I can sell you to make the first move and reach out to him or get one of your editors to? For the sake of fandom someone has to take the next step and John has now stuck his neck out and said he'd like to do it.

If there's anything I can do as a fan to help make this happen please let me know!

Thanks for listening, and thanks as always for the wonderful comics!