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Josh Paddison on Top 100
posted October 26, 2004

Josh Paddison
Los Angeles

I've always enjoyed your writing for TCJ and am excited about your new site. But I gotta say -- listing the 100 best comics of the century without ranking them is as unsatisfying as a no-salt diet. Ranking is the tough part, the part people will disagree about much more than who barely missed or made the 100 cut. Of course, ranking works of art is ridiculous, but so is any exercise is list-making, so let's see some opinions here!

And I'm curious, didn't you put together a list for the Comics Journal best-of list a few years back? How much did your 100 change since then?

Tom Spurgeon Responds:

Thanks for the letter, Josh. I will take you up on your challenge at the first opportunity. Forgive me for not ranking them originally, but I only had 36 hours!

I did contribute a list to the
Comics Journal "Top 100" that was published in early 1999, and I will edit a book version that should come out sometime in the next 36 months. The major difference in my lists between then and now is that this one was international, and I changed my mind about a couple of comics that have since come to completion. Weirdly, I was the only one of the contributors on TCJ's list who cited the work of Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez as it has eventually come to be collected.