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Joel Meadows On Tripwire At CCI (PR)
posted July 13, 2009

Tripwire Magazine continues its yearly Comic-Con tradition premiering its third Tripwire Annual at the world's best-known genre media convention. A stunning Jeff Carlisle full colour original Nick Fury cover sets the tone for the amazing content inside: We have exclusive interviews with Stan Lee, Joe Kubert, Bill Morrison of Bongo Comics, painter Phil Hale, storyboard artist Trevor Goring and many more. There are features on Tintin, the 70th anniversaries of both Marvel Comics and Batman, the 30th anniversary of Alien, Wednesday Comics from DC, Solomon Kane from Dark Horse and a dozen others. Company profiles include Euro-comics publisher Cinebook, art book impresario Flesk Publications and Book Palace. And of course there are over 20 pages of original strips from Roger Langridge, Kev Mullins, Declan Shalvey, Josh Fialkov & Kody Chamberlain and others. In all, it is by far the biggest and best issue Tripwire has published to date.

Inside Comic-Con's Exhibitor Hall Tripwire is in the Small Press area at table S07. We'll have the 2009 Annual available at a special show price. Also, we'll have the 2008 Annual with the Doctor Who cover ready for David Tennant to sign (wherever he's set up) and copies of the 2009 Superhero Special with its Kick-Ass cover in case you want to scare up a JR, JR sig. Plus of course we'll have some Stripwire artists on hand: Roman Muradov and Kody Chamberlain will be at the table sketching and signing their work in the mag. There's even going to be free swag!

Additionally, Tripwire has a panel on Thursday July 23rd at 10:30 am in Room 3. It will feature Editor-in-Chief Joel Meadows, US Editor Andy Grossberg and some special guests including UK columnist Rich Johnston from Panel topics will range from comics industry gossip to features from the magazine including comics, movies, TV, culture and more. There will be pastries for the first lucky dozen attendees.

This may be the last US appearance for Tripwire in 2009! The magazine is not carried by Diamond this time around so retailers are invited to drop by the table and acquire issues for their Colonial stores.

Up to the minute details about guests and swag can be found on our Twitter:

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