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John Vest On Captain America, Gene Colan and New Comics Day
posted July 17, 2009

Along with Ed Brubaker's writing, I've especially been looking forward to the giant-sized Captain America #601 for the new Gene Colan artwork accompanying the script.

One of the interesting things happening in the panorama of comics the past couple of years has been the release of new material by a number of greats from the heyday of serial comics -- Gene Colan's new Cap story, four all-new 32 page Ditko comics, Roy Thomas' classics adaptations, Kubert's latest Tor series, and Steve Gerber's final title last year. It's also amazing to see the underground cartoonists that have been appearing in Mineshaft.

There's a nice sense of continuity in the comics world with the continued presence of zines like The Comics and Ditkomania too.