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Rick Bradford On The Funny Papers And The NSA
posted July 19, 2009

Hey, Tom. I've just discovered something that I can't not share. Maybe you'll find it amusing and/or disturbing.

There's a comic shop in Austin called Funny Papers that was located across from UT in a building called the Dobie Mall. As far as I know it's still in existence -- it was when I lived near there a few years ago and they still have a MySpace page. Well, I thought I'd check in on the site and this is what I found:

The URL now takes you to The National Security Agency. A Google search for "funny papers" +comix gives the NSA as the first result. Search "funny papers" +dobie and NSA is the #2 result. What the hell am I missing here? How could there be any connection? Why would the NSA want "funny papers" searchers to find them? has archives of the site at least through the end of 2007.

Funny Papers' MySpace page says their site is at I can't find anything in Google News. Perhaps one of your readers can offer an explanation of some sort?