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Kat Kan On The CR Sunday Interview With Jim Ottaviani
posted May 27, 2009

Just a note of thanks for posting your interview with Jim Ottaviani. He's one of the few comics creators I've actually met more than once and with whom I have corresponded over the years. I have reviewed his books for library review journals, talked them up in schools and public libraries, and generally have done what I can to promote his work. I really appreciated your taking the time to talk with him and then to post the interview. I've seen links to it on a number of comics blogs, so word is getting out.

Jim is one of those good people. Just really good, decent people. A couple of years ago, he and fellow Michigan creators Paul Sizer and Jane Irwin exhibited at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC. They were selling their books to the librarians attending the conference. I chatted with them about my local public library - it was starting a construction project to build a new facility (much needed, by the way), and the county commission had just wrested control of the library from its board of directors, forced the director of the system to resign, and then froze the entire budget, saying they needed all the money for construction. Jim, Paul, and Jane all donated copies of their graphic novels to the library. Since I had driven to DC with my family (from NW Florida), they had me come to their table on my last day attending the conference and loaded my backpack with their books.

Because of this, I always make a point of buying all their books as they are published.

I may not always send you comments, but I read your blog every day. I'm supposed to put together a list of good comics websites that will go up on HW Wilson's website for the Graphic Novel Core Collection - that's their online subscription database. I "hand-select" every single title in that database, which means I read a minimum of 50 graphic novels a month. Anyway, your site is on my list.