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Jim Kingman On Green Lantern, Blackest Night And How The Comics World Is Ordered
posted August 14, 2009

This probably means I'm an elitist jerk, but I read Mike Sterling all the time and I know what comic stores are like and I know how popular the plotline has been and it still seems weird to me to read that everyone that shops at Sterling's store is into the latest Green Lantern saga. Not weird in that I think about it and I want to criticize that subset of readers, because to each his own, but weird in that it just doesn't seem to me how the world is ordered. But it is ordered that way, right? – Tom Spurgeon

Yes, Tom, the world is ordered that way, at least this particular corner of it, but it does not make you an elitist jerk. It just means that the current handling of the Green Lantern 'universe' is not your cup of tea, and for the time being (and hopefully a whole lot longer), it is a very popular and entertaining cup of tea. Geoff Johns has crafted a grand cosmic adventure, similar to what Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart did for the Marvel Universe back in the 1970s, but with a different approach and, yes, a wider range of characters and themes. And us GL diehards now have a slew of zombies we can call our own. Good, solid superhero comics fun, not over-spiced with nostalgia, not overshadowed by memory, not over-clouded by history, not over-burdened with excess, has been served. It's a tasty order!