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David Parsons On The Passing Of BN Duncan
posted August 20, 2009

I just read the article on BN Duncan and his passing. He died on my birthday this year actually. I am just now stumbling upon the news. I used to hang out with Ace and BN in Berzerkeley in the early nineties. I am in the 1994 Street People Calendar listed as "Wrongtree". I spent many a crazy day with these comic fellas and I must admit that sometimes they drew inpiring notions from some of my antics. I also was great friends with Hate Man as well. That was an era which really molded consciousness a bit. We had some great times there by Cody's and The Annex and in the cafes. BN

actually did quite a lot of photography of us street folks in prepping these calendars. It was truly a labor of love for him. He put his heart and soul into the project. I am very proud and smug in a good way to have been a part of that awesome scene there in those days. I was so very homeless there yet I lived like a king in Berkeley.

This time around I have been homeless in Bloomington, Indiana (six and a half years at this point). Yet amazingly I am producing music and actually fairly close to getting a freelanced album on the international market. And did I mention that this is being done totally while I am homeless and in a vortex town much like I was in those days. I think a lot of what is happening in my current situation is due to the indomitable attitude I had instilled in me by hanging out with a bunch of comic artists all those years ago. So. I feel that the world of comics really spans past the obvious entertainment value of comic art. Those silly guys drawing their pictures were in their own right really very heavy philosophical souls who made more of a dent in the world than was apparent to the general public. I am one of their biggest devoted fans even though I couldn't actually afford to buy one of their publications at this juncture in my life. I was sure glad to be a close friend of BN Duncan. He will live on in folks like me who did get it when he was available.