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Matthew Wave On FFF Results Post #177—Sing
posted August 24, 2009

What a great topic -- wish I hadn't missed it!

Thanx to Fred Hembeck, I now know that I'm not the only human being who remembers The Buoy's Timothy... even if I keep forgetting the "u" in Buoys whenever I go online to search them... but, really, obviously Brian Ralph should adapt this song!

There could be any number of comic book song adaptations out there, but there's one I love I thought I'd point out: the cartoonist Tanitoc has a wonderful piece based on Tom Waits' Goin' out West in the Canadian anthology, Spoutnik. It's great fun to read while listening to the song itself; the comic doesn't repeat the chorus, so you have to flip back and re-read the appropriate segments when the chorus roles around... lossa fun!