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Michael Dean on Siegels, Shusters, Public Domain
posted August 25, 2009

In response to your response to Mr. St-Louis' stance on things passing into public domain, I agree with him. I'm not saying the Siegel and Shuster families shouldn't get a cut of DC's Superman pie, just that the public domain is a good thing.

What would the Lone Ranger be without the "William Tell Overture?" - Public Domain. Would there be "Wicked" without the "Wonderful Wizard of Oz?" - Public Domain. Public domain material is great for adding to a creative idea or basing new ideas off of. Copyrights, when they were originally established "To promote the Progress of Science..., by securing for limited Times to Authors.... the exclusive Right to their... Writings" were for 14 years. That meant things would become public domain within the lifetime of the creator. Now most countries have it at 70 years after the death of the creator, meaning that a creators grandchildren will likely still benefit from a creation.

Personally, I would like to what people do with my creations, which is why I made them "open source" characters, ala Jenny Everywhere.