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Alex Bullett On Comics’ Least Sexy Issue
posted September 3, 2009

I was born in Lewiston Maine, and just graduated from SCAD's Sequential Art program. I wanted to comment on "The Comics Industry's Unsexiest Issue."

Have you ever been to a Newbury Comic's? It's a record chain in New England with a comic rack in one corner. Bull Moose is a record store, a very good record store, but they'll probably just be selling The Walking Dead on the shelf next to the action figures.

The other comic shop the article references is actually about 30 to 40 minutes from Lewiston. It is called Casablanca Comics and is one of the better comic shops in the country. Hopefully the owner will decide to open a Lewiston branch someday. The closing of Zimmie's Comics has be less worried about the state of comics (will direct market stores survive the next two decades anyway?) and more worried about what all those awkward high school kids will spend their money on now that there isn't a clean and safe place for them to play Magic and hang out on a Friday night.

Thanks for doing the Comics Reporter, it's one of the better blogs out there.