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Tim O’Shea On Reading The Site, Asking Some Questions
posted October 10, 2009

I was reading the site today, got to the Return Reading entry and found myself thinking: "Damn, he's right." I grew up reading the Doonesbury collections, I mean it's what I read in fifth and sixth grade. And when you wrote "When I read the book these days I'm struck by how fantastic a character Joanie Caucus is, and how little she gets mention in examinations of the great comics characters." I could not agree more. Her character arc, and seeing her interaction with Alex in the current day is something I look forward to. But to see where the character began, you've reminded me I need to read the 1970s strips again. Thanks.

But then I got to your First Thought Of The Day on Henry Jaglom, and I thought to myself: "Where the hell did that come from?" I actually enjoyed 1990's Eating. And the thought left me asking: "Can I have a little more context there, Tom?" I know First Thought Of The Day is supposed to be succinct and random, but I'm still curious.

Finally, I can't wait until the next Sunday Interview, can you give folks a teaser of some upcoming one of those you will be doing?

Tom Spurgeon Responds: Considering it took me a week to post your letter, I better not embarrass myself as to when I'll be able to start posting interviews again. I'm looking forward to this year's Holiday Interview Series a lot, though. That begins mid-December.

As for Jaglom, I just can't stand him, although some of his films are fine. I don't really filter the First Thought Of The Day stuff, so there's no reason for me to have fixated on him that day.