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Jamie Coville On His Latest Site Additions (x2)
posted October 10, 2009

Letter One:

I was at the Toronto Word on the Street festival and recorded some panels.

Toronto Word on the Street 2009 (September 27th)

Sequential Presents: Oh, Canada. Surveying the Landscape of Canadian Comics. (50:50, 46.5mb)
The panel was hosted by Bryan Munn and Salgood Sam from Sequential. On the panel was Brad Mackay (pronounced Macka-eye) from the Doug Wright Awards and Kevin Boyd from the Joe Shuster Awards. Much of the panel talked about their respective organizations when it comes to a variety of Canadian cartooning topics. Brad Mackay did do much of the talking.

Webcomics! (50:02, 45.8mb)
Hosted by Chris Butcher, the panel consisted of 5 webcomic creators. They were Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), Andy Belanger (Transmission X), Kean Soo (Jellaby), Faith Erin Hicks (Ice and War at Ellsmare) and Emily Horne (A Softer World). They talked about a variety of webcomics issues, how and why they started, what day has the lowest web traffic, supporting themselves with a web comic, getting into print, etc. Due to a dead battery lost about the last 5 minutes of the panel.

Pictures here.

As always, my recordings can be found here.

A report on the event can be found here.

Also on there is the Joe Shuster Awards write up.

Letter Two:

The 5th Annual Joe Shuster Awards (September 26th, 2009)

Full Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony (92:01, 84.2mb)

Pictures are here.

The Audio can also be found here.

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