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Josh Elder On Reading With Pictures Seeking Art Donations For Fundraising Events (PR)
posted November 8, 2009

Josh Elder
Executive Director, Reading With Pictures
(913) 660-6029

Reading With Pictures Seeks Art Donations for Fundraising Events

October 30, 2009-

Reading With Pictures, an educational non-profit that promotes the use of comics and graphic novels in the classroom, is actively soliciting donations of original art, prints and books/collectibles for an art auction fundraiser to be held in December. RWP is also accepting proposals for 1-10 page short stories (both story and art) to be included in a full-color, all-ages benefit anthology intended for publication in the summer of 2010. The proceeds from both will be used as seed money for the organization and will be put toward its application for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. The earnings will also be used to fund the non-profit’s initial slate of projects, such as a groundbreaking research study undertaken in conjunction with Northwestern University to determine the best methods for using comics and graphic novels in the classroom.

Reading With Pictures was founded by award-winning graphic novelist Josh Elder, creator of the graphic novel series and nationally syndicated comic strip Mail Order Ninja, who also serves as the organization's Executive Director. Over the past several years spent giving lectures on cartooning at schools and libraries across the country, Elder saw firsthand the transformative power that comics had to reach otherwise unreachable students. He also ran up against the systemic barriers such as a lack of academic research and curriculum development resources that prevent most schools from making the best use of comics and graphic novels in their classrooms.

"I then realized that I would have to go beyond grassroots comics' evangelism in order to truly effect positive change," Elder said in a recent interview with the Graphic Novel Reporter. "I would have to build an organization filled with people smarter and more capable than myself, an organization with significant resources and institutional credibility."

The organization's Board of Directors consists of several key members in the industry: John Shableski, sales manager for Diamond Book Distributors; Professor David Rapp, an associate professor of Learning Sciences and Psychology at Northwestern University; and Peter Gutierrez, the NCTE spokesperson on comics and graphic novels and an educational consultant for clients such as Scholastic and the Sesame Workshop.

Reading With Pictures is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting comics into schools and getting schools into comics. We will partner with academics, publishers and educators to cultivate research into how and why to use comics and graphic novels in the classroom, and then provide resources to aid in curriculum development and classroom implementation. Working for the benefit of all students, our ultimate goal is to become the central clearinghouse and premier resource for all things related to comics and graphic novels in education.

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Josh Elder
Executive Director, Reading With Pictures
Getting comics into schools and getting schools into comics.