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David Lloyd On Auctioning Art On Behalf Of Non-Profit Educational Web Site (PR)
posted November 28, 2009

Forgive this bulletin for all, but I'm helping a new non-profit educational website get underway and right now I need to tell folks about what's happening around it as easily and quickly as I can -- has the aim of centralising all the info available in the UK and Ireland on the study of cartooning and sequential art. Those of you in the States have got your own sites that do this I'm sure, but, here, the general public can often flounder trying to find what they need in this area of the arts. As I suffered from this lack of specialised knowledge in my tortured past, I wanted to lend my support to helping fix this situation for others.

As a small, but perfectly-formed, fund-raiser for this new initiative, an auction of V For Vendetta water-colour sketches is starting on eBay today.

These were done at the Institute of Contemporary Arts In London on November 5th, in a one-off special drawing-for-the-public performance, celebrating the graphic novel I happily helped bring to the world. Please help Cartoon Classroom by telling everyone about this work going on sale, and if you want more info on Cartoon Classroom, simply go to the site. And register on it why don't you? Of course, I'm at your disposal for any questions you may have on the auction or CC.