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Rodrigo Baeza On Bill Everett’s Letter To His Wife
posted December 11, 2009

The text of this letter was posted yesterday:

I'm going to spend all day tomorrow at the Public Library, doing some research work for Bill. He has a new character, for a strip which (Lloyd) Jaquet wants him to do in competition with the new one now being syndicated -- called the "Superman' I think. We've wracked our brains for a new kind of character; and all I can think of now is to back over some old folk tales, foreign ones if necessary, and try to find some unusual character around which we can build an unusual story for these modern times. Bill is rushing through another strip and two covers, so I am going to help him in this research. I course I love to do it.

By the way, the "Superman: thing I spoke of above was considered to good that it was bought and syndicated before it was ever published. The people I know who have seen it are not impressed, but I suppose children would love it. It's a story of a man with superhuman strength in these modern times, who can pick up an elephant with one hand -- lifts trolley cars off tracks, etc. If you have any brilliant ideas for a competitive strip, for heaven's sake let us know. Jaquet is on Bill's heels about this.