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Nat Gertler On The Schulz Youth Book
posted December 21, 2009

Lest your readers think that they need to go out and buy a French book so that they can read those Charles Schulz church youth cartoons ("Random Comics News Story Round-Up", December 21) , let me note that the new Vertige Graphic book is a translation of the English-language book Schulz's Youth, published by my company About Comics. The Italian edition (Ragazzi, published by Comma 22), is just about to hit the market as well. Schulz's Youth is still in print - your comic shop can get it for you in paperback or hardcover, and the paperback -- -- is available through Amazon, as is the Kindle edition --

But I do think the article you linked to gave an interesting angle, presenting this as a window on American religiosity. I should use that angle to cut more foreign deals for it.