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Fabio Antibas On 1985 (The Comic Book)
posted February 6, 2010

In your list of noteworthy super-hero titles of the '00s, I missed Marvel's 1985.

Maybe I liked it mostly because I was about the same age as the protagonist (15 years old in 85...) and also had started to read comic books again at the time (more or less). Secret Wars, Storm's mohawk, Spiderman's original black uniform; it all seemed so fresh and exciting, and 1985 acknowledges that.

But apart from that, I think the story was original and well executed.

I do think that 6 issues were too much to tell that story, however. Too much decompression. Of course it is one of the characteristics of comics in the 2000s, so it's one further reason for 1985 to be mentioned in your noteworthy list.