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Brian Heater On Collective Memory
posted April 17, 2010

In a funny way, I think I have a much stronger appreciation for the concept of "collective memory," after this year's MoCCA, in part because I felt even more fixated on one element of the show than usual. I generally try to cover things as much as possible, as evidenced by the breadth of reactions, the idea of doing everything is wholly unrealistic. For example, I got a little time on the floor and saw the clustered tables, but it didn't occur to me how such a thing could ruin an entire section's show going experience.

I won't attempt to reexplain the concept of relativity in the e-mail. I'm sure you get the point.

Due to my own personal investment in this year's show, I've gone through and read all of the reactions I've had time to. I suppose, in a sense, the ultimate success or failure of a show is an average of all of these, right (well, an average adjusted for influence).

I almost feel as we need a Zagat like approach to things. 'The temperature at this year's show was "pleasant." Frank Miller was "nice" but "vaguely menacing" in his fedora and trenchcoat.