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James Langdell On Why WonderCon Probably Doesn’t Have A Strong Alt-Arts Showing
posted April 17, 2010

In your rapid and interesting report from Wondercon, you mentioned this disappointment:

> The first is that the show was focused primarily
> on the expression of mainstream comics and the
> pop culture that resembles mainstream comics.
> There was very little in the way of comics of the
> kind I tend to regularly buy on hand, and no natural
> programming I would follow.

One factor might be that the same management also presents the APE show each year in San Francisco. I've not been to a Wondercon in about 20 years, but I suspect that the sort of creators, publishers, and tastes that you would seek out are featured excellently at that event. That might result in the non-mainstream presence being lower at Wondercon than at general regional comics conventions in other cities that didn't also have an outlet like APE at another time of the year.