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Carl Walker On Why They Feel It’s Necessary To Defend The Twilight Manga’s Goofy Lettering
posted June 12, 2010

You write "I have no idea why someone with a book that crushed in the marketplace feels compelled to defend it against criticisms as to a craft element, but here's Kurt Hassler doing just that with the first Twilight book and its oft-horrible lettering. I mean, you already have the last word in terrific sales, why dispute that some people had a legitimate problem with the lettering?"

While I understand what you mean, I actually find it somewhat heartwarming, in a perverse way, that the Yen Press people, having produced a shameless, craft-deficient cash-in product and made plenty of money from it at that, can't seem to completely satisfy themselves with said money, and still must try to defend their product on the basis of its quality. That means that on some level, market success isn't really enough for them. While this may not be enough to inspire them to greater efforts in the future, I still shudder at a day where no comic (or content of any other kind) producer shows any concern with any marker of success other than money. We're already too close to that day as it is!

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