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Danny Ceballos On Best Goodbyes In Comics
posted June 12, 2010

RE: BEST GOODBYES, I would suggest

1. Chester Brown's Yummy Fur #32
A grand exit for a disheveled lady of a comic book. Chester's as yet unfinished telling of the Gospels of Matthew finally takes center stage and then that stage goes dark. With a laff out loud depiction of Salome's dance (rendered in a mere two panels) joltingly followed by that grotesque severed head of the baptist held aloft in mockery for eternity. The back cover ends it all with a super-Jewy Jesus laying down a guilt trip so powerful that it should last you at least two or three lifetimes. Worth the original $2.95 price for the cover alone.

2. Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #63
Another "it was all a crazy dream" like ending is gratefully averted by Grant Morrison who allows our herione to slouch off onto that confetti strewn street named Danny. I hope they never find the body...