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Shannon Smith On Superhero Movies
posted June 12, 2010

1) I'm with ya on Fantastic Four. Its greatness had nothing to do with family or any other crap Hollywood types and current comics pros like to talk about on DVD special features. Stan and Jack were just really, really good.

2) I just don't get why the "comic book movie" or "superhero movie" genres get so much attention paid to the source material. Why does anyone care about the source material and if it does it "justice" or not? Does anyone give a single crap about the source material behind the latest Kate Hudson or J Lo vehicle? Heck no. Who cares what these movies are based on? Unless it's based on some important historical matter I really don't care at all. I don't care if a Harry Potter movie pays proper respect to a Harry Potter book. They are freaking movies. We don’t call movies based on novels "novel movies" or movies based on plays "play movies." At this point Hollywood really only makes about three kinds of movies anyway. Movies based on comic books, movies based on toys and movies based on previous movies. Should we call the last "movie movies"?

In conclusion, everyone is stupid.